From the young, talented, and engaged staff to the premium, locally-sourced products; Louisville Painters Plus is bringing you the full service paint company you've always wanted. 
True admiration for the trade coupled with our wide range of services will prove to reduce stress and increase satisfaction during your next renovation.


About the Owner

Amber Baker is a Louisville native, raised in the painting trade. With almost her entire family involved in the trade, Amber has an abundance of mentors and support in this endeavor. Since founding this company in 2017, Amber has dedicated herself to guaranteeing the quality of its work and the satisfaction of its clients.  

“My mission is to break the mold. Not only as a female in the construction industry, but a young person in the trade industry. I started this company with the intention to offer my peers the ability to find upward mobility without college debt. As our staff grows, so does my ambition. We take pride in what we do, because this is our chance to eventually live the American Dream. We always look forward to the privilege of making our own lives, and another home beautiful.”

-Amber Baker, Owner